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Ford Expedition Gets Top Spot From Crash Test Ratings

2018 Ford Expedition

The Expedition chief program engineer - Andrew Kernahan - is a father of four who knew what the stakes were when he took over. He's been a long-time Expedition owner and knows exactly what customers like him expect from the vehicle. Suffice it to say that the new Ford Expedition takes safety advances to whole new levels and sets the standard for future full-size SUV safety features. Kernahan explains that, "We are proud of the many features Expedition offers today that help keep our customers safe on the road.”

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Can Driving a Ford Fusion Hybrid Help With High Gas Prices?

2018 Ford Fusion Hybrid Titanium

The Ford Fusion Hybrid is perfectly positioned to help with high gas prices. Whether it's your daily commute or a longer trip, you'll find that the hybrid's fuel savings keep your costs down. Even better, this is a hybrid with ample horsepower and a package with ample features for your lifestyle.

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Waze is Coming to Ford SYNC 3

Ford Sync 3 with Waze 

Ford Adding Waze App for Use Through SYNC 3 Interface

Ford has recently announced a new development in their use of navigation technology. The Waze is a popular app used by drivers on the road for up to date traffic conditions. It's a crowdsourcing app, and drivers share information as they see it while on the road.

Ford has made the decision to bring the Waze app to drivers in a more user-friendly way…

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Houston Barbecue Festival Brings the Heat & the Sweet

Houston Barbeque Festival at NRG Park

You and your taste buds should be excited for the return of the Houston Barbecue Festival!

From Texas Mop to South Carolina mustard sauce, Lexington Dip and much more, some of the region’s most esteemed barbecue joints will be showing off their best sauces and perfectly smoked meats at the event, which is coming up on April 9, 2017 at NRG Park.

The holy trinity of smoked meats – brisket, sausage and ribs – will be on tap, along with several other proteins, veggies, legumes and sweets.

Feeling hungry yet? Visit here to get tickets to the event now!

Favorites from…

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Video: How to Change the Liftgate Height on a Ford

Ever almost hit your car’s liftgate on the garage door? Then check out this video to see a cool new feature that can adjust liftgate height. Several new Fords are available with this handy device, including the 2017 Ford Escape, Edge, Explorer and Flex.

Check out our inventory of new Ford SUVs for sale in Houston, Texas! We have several models offered with this convenient new amenity.

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Ford Payment Deferrals & Other Hurricane Relief Services

I Love Texas

It’s been a trying time for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and Ford hopes to offer some relief. The company has launched several initiatives to assist those impacted by the Category 4 hurricane and you may be eligible.

Payment Deferrals
To find out if you qualify for payment deferrals, call (800) 723-4016 or use your FordPass smartphone app to contact Ford Credit.

Ford “Texas Is Family” Customer Assistance Bundle
If you are shopping for…

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2018 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo

2018 Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo 

In Town for the 2018 Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo? – Why Not Check out Joe Myers Ford

For over 80 years, the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo has offered those who live here and millions of people who travel here the ultimate in entertainment, education, and opportunities to help many charities right here in Texas. Listed as the largest rodeo and livestock show in the world, visitors come here from all around the globe to enjoy all…

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Ford Ranger & Bronco: Two American Traditions Return

Ford Bronco

Ford has announced it plans to bring back two of its classic models, the Ford Ranger in 2019 and the Ford Bronco in 2020, with plans to manufacture them at Ford’s Michigan Assembly Plant. Due to popular demand, the midsize pickup truck discontinued in 2011 and the midsize SUV discontinued in 1996 will be reintroduced to Ford’s U.S. vehicle portfolio.

Joe Hinrich, Ford’s President of the Americas, assured fans that the…

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