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When your vehicle needs parts, no one has a greater selection than your neighborhood Ford dealer Joe Myers Ford. Our parts counter staff is helpful and can ensure that you will be able to order every OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part made to fit your vehicle. Only your regional Ford dealer has a complete catalog of parts for every late-model vehicle. This includes every seal, bolt, washer, hose, bumper, motor, or electrical part you can imagine.


As vehicles age, the dyes and various molds for producing certain parts may be shelved by the original manufacturer. This is the only limitation on parts you may encounter. If you are trying to rebuild a 20-year-old Ford F-150 from scratch, we may have limited stock on those parts. Everything else can usually be ordered and delivered in a couple days or less. You can speak with our friendly staff and help figure out what part you may need right from the factory computer diagrams.

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What are the Benefits of OEM Parts vs Aftermarket Parts?

OEM Parts are Higher Quality

In the well-rounded sense, there are few parts that can compete against the parts produced by OEM manufacturers. These massive part suppliers are divisions of the multi-billion dollar auto manufacturers or independent producers who are contracted with multiple auto manufacturers. Auto manufacturers spend over a billion dollars every time they engineer a new generation vehicle. You can rest assured that the OEM parts that they have designed to fit your vehicle are of the highest quality to reaffirm the branding of the manufacturer. The aftermarket parts used by most general repair shops are flimsy minimal quality parts sold at huge markups to customers. You can usually tell just by looking at many parts how poorly they are designed or manufactured in comparison.

OEM Parts Give Peace of Mind

OEM Brakes and Parts

When you use aftermarket parts you may void your warranty. Mechanical parts are interconnected to systems of other parts. If you use an aftermarket coil-pack with your ignition system and the ignition control module or ECU (Engine Control Unit) fails prematurely, you can bet that Ford will refuse to cover the repair. Our OEM Ford parts generally come with a limited lifetime warranty that protects you against the manufacturer defects that would be associated with premature failure.

Built for Your Vehicle

Easy Brake Installations

When you use OEM Ford parts you don't have to worry about running into headaches in the middle of a repair. OEM parts are designed to fit your vehicle and matched by the parts department to the specific VIN number of your Ford.

At times, the part has been upgraded to your benefit and will extend the operation or quality of your ride. In many cases, an automotive manufacturer engineers a particular design that looks great on paper. In real-world conditions, this design may turn out to be a little more problematic than first imagined with durability or service. These upgrades are only available from Ford in their OEM parts. They usually address critical issues like timing belt kits that you are a fool to replace with any standard aftermarket kit.

You never have to worry about the part being the problem when you encounter complex repair situations if you use stock OEM parts. Automotive repair is complicated enough without having to second guess whether the replaced part is still malfunctioning.


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