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Ford Innovation Creates a Stunning New V8 Engine

Ford Innovation New V8

In 2019, Ford announced an innovative, new engine. We want to tell you more about this impressive machine now.

What Are this New Ford Engine Details?

Ford engineers built a massive V8. Its 7.3-liter displacement makes it America's largest mass-produced eight-cylinder engine. At 5,500 RPM, this new engine produces 430 horsepower and 475 torque foot-pounds.

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Why Millennials Love Ford SUVs?

Why Millennials Prefer these Ford Models

Millennials are changing and shaping the world that we live in. Their aggregate buying power is phenomenal and changes the supply and demand formula in the world today. And one of the trends that they are setting is an allegiance to the Ford brand and Ford SUVs in particular. Of course, Ford is a classic brand that manufactures diehard vehicles that are built to go the distance. Yet, among the many domestic brands, Millennials are fond of Ford SUVs for a reason. Let's discuss why Ford SUVs are the top choice among so many Millennials, below.

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What New Car Features Do Buyers Want?

60-40 Split Seat Feature

Consumers today know what they want in a new vehicle. They customize a vehicle in their mind before they even step on a dealer’s lot. Vehicle manufacturers are always looking to beat their competition. One of the best ways to do this is to keep coming with features that attract consumers. The following list is some of the new car features that consumer look for when considering a new vehicle purchase.

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