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Why Ford F-150 Remains the Number 1 Selling Vehicle


It has been decades that Ford’s F-150 has controlled the vehicle market. Year after year, it remains the number 1 selling vehicle in the United States. While changes have been made over the years to keep up with trends in the market, the F-150 somehow always has what people are looking for. The 13th generation of the F-150 is currently for sale. It has a lighter design than ever before, adding to its already impressive fuel efficiency ratings. It’s also a very affordable and durable vehicle.

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Backseat Drivers are Stopped by Ford Driver Assist Technology

Drivers AssistanceEliminate the Occupation of The Backseat Driver

Backseat drivers are almost universally loathed by the drivers that tote them around. Few people would argue otherwise, but even if you do argue that backseat drivers served a purpose by warning drivers of possible errors or other traffic, you can stop arguing that they serve a purpose any longer. Ford's recent study shows that technologies like Ford Co-Pilot360 completely eliminate the occupation of the backseat driver.

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Ford Innovation Creates a Stunning New V8 Engine

Ford Innovation New V8

In 2019, Ford announced an innovative, new engine. We want to tell you more about this impressive machine now.

What Are this New Ford Engine Details?

Ford engineers built a massive V8. Its 7.3-liter displacement makes it America's largest mass-produced eight-cylinder engine. At 5,500 RPM, this new engine produces 430 horsepower and 475 torque foot-pounds.

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