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* Listed service intervals serve as a general guide and are not associated with the OEM. Please refer to your vehicle's owners manual for optimal recommendations for your specific model.

What Is the Ford Escape Maintenance Schedule?

The Ford Escape is a popular crossover SUV that's been on the market for over two decades. The vehicle has undergone multiple changes and updates over the years. Still, one thing has remained the same: the importance of proper maintenance.

The Ford Escape maintenance schedule includes regularly scheduled oil changes, filter replacements, and inspections. It's essential to follow the schedule closely to maintain the performance and longevity of your vehicle. Skipping or delaying necessary maintenance can be more expensive than you think.

The schedule may vary depending on the year and model of your Ford Escape.

Regular maintenance not only helps to keep your vehicle running smoothly it also helps to preserve its resale value. In addition, proper care can help avoid costly repairs in the future.

15,000-Mile Service

We will inspect your safety features and check the brakes, steering, and suspension. We will also replace the oil and filter.

The 15,000-mile service is an important milestone for your Ford Escape. It is when many of the critical components in your vehicle will be inspected and replaced, if necessary. Therefore, it's crucial to have this service done on time.

30,000-Mile Service

In addition to the items checked at 15,000 miles, your air and fuel filters will be inspected and replaced if needed.

This service is essential because it's when you should replace your filters. If they're not replaced at this interval, they could eventually wear out and cause problems with your engine.

60,000-Mile Service

The 60,000-mile service is a significant milestone for your Ford Escape. It is when we will replace most of the components in your vehicle. All of your fluids will also be checked and topped off if needed.

90,000-Mile Service

This service is vital and should not be skipped. The brake pads will be inspected and replaced if necessary. In addition, the timing belt, spark plugs, power steering fluid, and hoses will be checked and replaced if needed.

Following your maintenance schedule

The Ford Escape is a complex vehicle with many components. All of these components work together to keep your vehicle running smoothly. However, when one of them fails, it can cause problems with the whole system. By following the maintenance schedule closely, you can help to avoid these costly and inconvenient problems.


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