Is My Car Battery Dying?

Your Ford battery does a lot of work and will eventually need to be replaced. Watch this video to learn about signs that your battery is on its last leg.

Having a dead car battery can leave one feeling shipwrecked, but there is a way to avoid it. Simply paying attention to your battery and getting regular Ford battery service, which includes applying a protectant, checking battery power and ridding the battery of corrosion, are easy ways to not only protect your battery but also ways to keep an eye on when you need to get a car battery replacement.

When the time does come, Joe Myers Ford offers new car batteries in Houston at great low prices. Schedule service online if you're due.

How do I keep my battery from dying?
While needing car battery replacement in Houston is inevitable at some point, there are ways to help make sure your Ford's battery life isn't cut short.

  1. Don't run your car lights or radio while the vehicle is turned off.

  2. Ford Battery Service in Houston
  3. Try to park undercover as much as possible to protect your car from heat and freezing temperatures.

  4. Get routine battery servicee, keep an eye on its remaining capacity and identify any parasitic drains.

  5. Keep your battery free of corrosion, which diminishes power and leads to needing car battery replacement sooner.

  6. If you tend to go on a lot of very short trips around town, offset this by taking longer trips on occasion to help make sure you give your battery a chance to reach a full charge.

Can humidity cause a car not to start?

Not typically. However, humidity is known to have a negative effect on batteries, especially older ones. When there's lots of moisture in the air, oxidation occurs more easily and having corrosion around the terminals diminishes battery power faster.

Is buying a used car battery a bad choice?

Even if you're shopping for cheap car batteries in Houston, we recommend buying new. Car and truck batteries are not pricey compared to other vehicle parts, so it's worth paying a little more for added confidence rather than buying a cheap used battery with a questionable history. There are no guarantees that used car batteries will last even a few weeks if it turns out they were tested incorrectly. Taking the chance is up to each driver, but if you want more peace of mind - and a warranty - a new battery is the better choice.

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Whether you need a new Focus, Fiesta, Mustang, Edge, Taurus, Expedition or Ford Escape battery in Houston, we can get you what you need and install it in no time. We even have excellent electric car battery prices for those who own a Ford hybrid or EV.


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