Ford Bronco Sport Becomes First Vehicle To Feature Parts Made of 100% Recycled Ocean Plastic  

Ford has a long history of innovation, and the fact that it is making the Bronco Sport one of the most sustainable vehicles in its class is not surprising. Ford uses innovative materials, namely recycled ocean plastics, to outfit the Ford Bronco Sport with entirely sustainable components. The wiring harness pin on the Bronco Sport is made of nylon-based materials that benefit the ocean and Bronco Sport owners.

Sustainable Technology for the Bronco Sport

The Ford Bronco Sport is a relative newcomer to the market, but it has more sustainable characteristics than most other SUVs, making it stand out from the pack even more. The Ford Bronco Sport contains a wiring harness pin that is attached to the curtain airbags in the second row. The wiring harness pin is a small part that is nearly impossible for occupants in the back to detect. Nevertheless, the wiring harness pin plays a critical role in safety for the Ford Bronco Sport. Most wiring harness pins are made of petroleum, but the part on the Ford Bronco Sport is made of nylon instead, which is just as durable as petroleum but also more environmentally friendly.

A More Sustainable Future

While the Ford Bronco Sport only has a wiring harness pin made of recycled ocean plastics, Ford plans to continue the innovation by creating more parts in its cars from ocean plastics in the future. Every year, about 13 million tons of plastics make their way into the ocean. When they do, they pose a threat to various ocean life ranging from sea turtles to fish, dolphins, and other marine animals. Birds can sometimes be impacted by ocean plastics as well. The type of plastic that Ford is using is called “ghost gear,” which is derived from fishing nets in the ocean called “ghost nets.” Ghost nets are comprised of materials from the ocean floor. They can ensnare animals and cause serious injury or death. By pulling these materials out of the ocean, Ford is helping to make its own cars and the auto industry, in general, more sustainable. Along with the Bronco Sport, Ford has introduced plastics to the Ford Escape starting in 2020.

A Source of New Jobs

Ford is also helping to create more jobs through its sustainable initiatives. Supplying the Bronco Sport with its sustainable components requires an entire chain of workers. The materials must first be gathered from the ocean floor. Then the plastic is washed, dried, and turned into a usable clip.

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