Drivers AssistanceEliminate the Occupation of The Backseat Driver

Backseat drivers are almost universally loathed by the drivers that tote them around. Few people would argue otherwise, but even if you do argue that backseat drivers served a purpose by warning drivers of possible errors or other traffic, you can stop arguing that they serve a purpose any longer. Ford's recent study shows that technologies like Ford Co-Pilot360 completely eliminate the occupation of the backseat driver. They simply aren't needed any more thanks to sensors and cameras that help to monitor other traffic and even pedestrians that might come across a Ford vehicle.

Co-Pilot360 Makes Your Aware of Your Surroundings

If you haven't heard of Ford Co-Pilot360, that's okay. Some people aren't yet familiar with this popular Ford creation. It's a whole system of driver-assist technologies that help you stay in your own lane, be aware of pedestrians, and know your surroundings better. Not only can Co-Pilot360 make you more aware of your surroundings, but it's capable of applying pressure to brakes and correcting your errors so that no backseat drivers need to shout out anymore. Co-Pilot360 will do that for them by warning you of any impending dangers. Ford's study showed that most modern drivers (68% of them) believe that in time, technologies like this will make backseat drivers unnecessary altogether. Instead of an older passenger in the backseat screaming to look out for a pedestrian, it's your Ford Co-Pilot360 that's going to fill you in (and apply the brakes if it needs to). These technologies continue to be created and perfected every day. Ford's mission is to create a vehicle that could if needed, drive itself. We're not quite there yet, but Ford is one of the automakers that shows the most promise in getting there first. If you're as unfond of backseat drivers as the rest of the world, you're cheering Ford on just like the rest of the world is.

The Best Safeguard

Ford Co-Pilot360 promises to be one of the best safeguards against the need for annoying backseat drivers. These annoyances still exist on the road every day, but thanks to driver-assist technologies, they're growing rarer by the day. We're as happy about that as you are. If you'd like to learn more about Ford Co-Pilot360 and how it can eliminate the need for backseat drivers, you can call us or stop by our dealership at any time. We're more than happy to discuss the great driver-assist technologies that Ford has lined up, and of course, we'll agree with you that backseat drivers need to go. Call now to learn more.