Ford Innovation Creates a Stunning New V8 Engine

Ford Innovation New V8

In 2019, Ford announced an innovative, new engine. We want to tell you more about this impressive machine now.

What Are this New Ford Engine Details?

Ford engineers built a massive V8. Its 7.3-liter displacement makes it America's largest mass-produced eight-cylinder engine. At 5,500 RPM, this new engine produces 430 horsepower and 475 torque foot-pounds.

What Can This New Engine Do?

Paired with the new TorqShift 10-speed, heavy-duty transmission, this engine helps pickup owners apply maximum force to their busy days. The top American automaker used overhead-valve design to draw extra power during this engine's downward strokes. It can haul a hefty load, uproot a massive tree stump or tow a big boat. If Ford puts this engine in a mass-produced car, it will obviously attain highway speeds quite quickly.

Which Ford Models Offer this Available Engine?

Currently, Ford provides this torque giant to two of its F-Series pickups, the Super Duty F-250 and the Super Duty F-350. Modified versions with reduced, but still impressive, power will soon be available in the brand's Medium Duty F-450, F-550, F-600, F-650 and F-700 models. Also, you will soon find a trimmed version of the 7.3-liter engine in Ford's F-53 and F-59 stripped-chassis setups. Ford has yet to announce plans to put this very-powerful engine in a coupe or sedan, but horsepower-focused blogs have speculated that it will find its way into a special-edition car.

To learn more about this exhilarating, new Ford engine, contact us. We will also happily schedule a convenient test drive for you.

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