What's New With The 2019 Ford F-350?

2019 Ford F-350

What’s New for the 2019 Ford F-350

The brand new 2019 Ford F-350 is a supremely designed super-duty pickup truck with a lot of power stomping on the road while making a name for itself. This is the perfect heavy-duty pickup for small business owners, employers, and people working in labor intensive-industries. There are various new performance packages available in the F-350 series, including Off-Roading, Premium, Value, Camper, Snow Plower and more.

2019 Ford F-350 Trims & Features

This vehicle smiles with a clean-cut chrome steel grille above the large super durable bumpers. The roomy cargo areas could comfortably fit large items, and there is a Quick Release tailgate that is able to lock and power. Most cabs have a pickup box as well to store sensitive items that needs to get concealed. Optional LED box lighting and far-reaching spot lights will brighten up the nights, while the fog lamps with high beams will penetrate through rough weather. The PowerScope technology reflects on the mirrors that have auto dimming. When it comes to entertainment and accessibility, the SYNC Basic system is equipped with many helpful technological features. Bluetooth hands-free voice calling is available to set up appointments and book events. Drivers can listen to their favorite songs through the high-end music system with quality audio characteristics. The voice-control apps will pull up information at will the moment a verbal command gets heard. Incoming text messages could get read out loud by the automated voice system on board. 911 Assist will dial out emergency numbers if the driver is incapable of doing it themselves. Drivers can also download the names and phone numbers of business contacts, associates, and friends and family for cloud storage. The bolstered navigation screen was propped up for easy visibility and convenient touchscreen capabilities.

2019 Ford F-350

2019 Ford F-350 Horsepower

This vehicle has a TorqShift for heavy-duty gear shifting. The 6-speed automatic transmission is a standard feature in most of these trucks, available from the F-150 series to the F-450 series. Organic power generates from the turbo diesel engine roaring loudly. Gas engines are also available for drivers who need a bit of subtlety, but still want that hardcore power. Tow/Haul is the best system for performing hard jobs while under pressure. The internal processes includes preventing an upshifting draft, reducing speed, and releasing strain on the brakes. Most Ford F-350 trims have a 6.2 SOHC V8 PowerStroke engine with 2-Valve Flex Fuel for saving on gas. There is an upgraded diesel option with exhaust braking for exquisite handling. This is heavy-duty performance at its best.

2019 Ford F-350 Safety

Automatic emergency braking will automatically apply to keep drivers and passengers safe from collisions and accidents. The airbags will deploy in the front seats when there is a head-on collision and in the safety canopies when a rollover happens. There is a Belt Minder with flashing warning lights that will blink if passengers are not buckled up. The remote keyless start allows for instant entry, and there is an Anti-Theft alarm that will sound off when intruders attempt to steal the vehicle. SecuriLock is a passive anti-theft system, preventing that from happening, with an engine immobilization system where a code is needed to start the engine. MyKey is also available for encouraging teens to adopt good driving habits.

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