What are the top accessories of the 2018 Ford Edge?

Top 2018 Ford Edge Accesories 

The 2018 Ford Edge ranks as a very popular SUV because of its unique features that let you experience driving on your terms. When you own a Ford Edge, the options are unlimited, and you become unstoppable. The SUV gives you superior practicality, style, and flexibility. Of course, even with all that it has to offer, you still want to make it a little more personal. That’s when it gets even better!

What Are Some of the Top Ford Edge Accessories?


You should consider these for maximizing the use of your 2018 Ford Edge:


  • Cargo Logic System
  • Racks and Carriers - Roof Rails
  • Trailer Hitch Assembly

Cargo Logic System

With both seats folded down, the Edge gives you 68 cubic feet of cargo space. That allows plenty of room to get all of your gear in the rear without any challenges. With all that good space, you want to get the most out of it and make sure the cargo area stays in excellent condition. A cargo logic system provides you with a custom fit that is contoured, impact-resistant and moisture-resistant. It gives your cargo space the protection to ensure the longevity and durability for the many years that you will own your Edge. The advanced polyware surfacing helps to keep fluid and debris trapped in the liner and away from eroding the interior of your Edge. The black-finished thermoplastic liner is designed to form to the cargo area of your SUV and helps to reduce shifting of your cargo items while driving. If there are any spills, leaks or tumbles, they’re much easier to clean up, due to the stain-resistant barrier.

Racks and Carriers - Roof Rails

There are moments when you need the perfect spot for transporting specific items, such as when you’re going on an outdoor adventure in your Edge. The racks and carriers - roof rails have a stainless steel black finish. The roof rails are durable and extremely easy to install. The roof rails have a euro-style that works very well with most clamp-on accessories. They’re UV-treated for weather resistance to continue to provide an acceptable appearance that matches your Edge. The roof rails are also rustproof, and there are built-in locks and heavy-duty security hardware to deter theft.

Can the Ford Edge Tow?

The only way to get the full potential out of your Ford Edge is with a trailer hitch. The trailer hitch assembly is robust and exceptionally durable to get your towing job done. The assembly fits perfectly with the original equipment hitch bolts and existing holes on your Edge. The easy installation does not require any drilling or welding, which reduces the time for you to begin your adventure or road trip quickly. There are plenty of ways to enjoy your Edge; however, a trailer hitch assembly doubles the enjoyment. There are so many creative ideas that you can discover with the equipment when it supported by the powertrain and towing capacities, such as trailing jet skis or a boat.

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