Ford Sync 3 with Waze 

Ford Adding Waze App for Use Through SYNC 3 Interface

Ford has recently announced a new development in their use of navigation technology. The Waze is a popular app used by drivers on the road for up to date traffic conditions. It's a crowdsourcing app, and drivers share information as they see it while on the road.

Ford has made the decision to bring the Waze app to drivers in a more user-friendly way. Instead of simply relying on your smartphone to use your Waze app, you will be able to plug into the USB port and use the Waze app on the display screen through the SYNC 3 interface.

The Waze app is distinct than other navigational apps in that it provides data provided by other drivers and passengers. You will receive live information regarding routes, weather conditions and accidents. In fact, the Waze app is used so frequently, that new accident will be reported to Waze before the authorities are notified.

While driving with the Waze app open, you can also see what other cars are using the app at the same time. If the driver in front of you has the app open, you will see a picture of a car in front of you on the display screen with a Waze logo.

It is a fun app to use and one that can make a long commute much simpler. Ford has recognized the popularity of the Waze app and made the decision to add their capabilities into the SYNC 3 interface. The integration of Waze into the SYNC 3 system will enhance the experience and make the use of Waze simpler.

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