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The extended warranty has become a great part of car ownership in the modern era. These vehicles are built to last, and when you buy something that's going to last far beyond its original warranty, it's natural to want to extend that protection and take advantage of an extended warranty. Ford cars, trucks, and SUVs are, as they say, "built Ford tough!" When something is going to last, you need maintenance and sometimes repair on it. Ford has a host of extended warranty options available under their Ford Protect line of products, so there's a little something for everyone. Not everyone believes in buying the extended warranty, and that's okay to hold that outlook, but here's why you might want to reconsider and get one of these extended plans.

Reasons You'll Want a Ford Extended Warranty

Ford Protect has a line of extended warranties that protect your vehicle when the original warranty runs out, which is usually a certain number of years or miles. Once your Ford journeys further than that, any repair that you need after that is going to come out of your pocket UNLESS you buy one of these Ford Extended Warranty plans. When you purchase one of four extended warranty plans, you have certain parts of your car covered even if their original warranty has expired.


PremiumCARE is the most expensive package, but it covers over 1,000 components of your vehicle. If it's in your car at all, the chances are that PremiumCARE is going to cover it if something goes wrong. That means instead of paying out of pocket for a considerable repair that might cost thousands of dollars, you're merely going to use your extended warranty and get the repair for free IF you've kept up with your monthly or annual payment.


ExtraCARE covers 113 components. You can gauge whether or not that will be enough to cover your vehicle depending on its age. Some elements wear out faster than others, so if your car is only 6 or 7 years old, you might not need a higher paying package.


84 components of your vehicle are covered under this extended plan. It will take care of any of those 84 components if they break down.


Some folks want to make sure that nothing catastrophic goes wrong with the powertrain, usually a life-threatening event for your vehicle and one that can end its time on the road. If your car is relatively new, you might want to get a PowertrainCARE plan to make sure that your engine and other vital components of the powertrain are covered.

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The Ford Extended Warranty plans are sometimes invaluable to people. The fact is that you NEVER know when a particular component of a vehicle is going to stop working. And repairs can grow very costly when the car is passed a certain age or mileage, which means you can often pay as much for repairs in the end as you did for the car in the beginning (if you bought used). Don't want to fool with that? Pay a low monthly or annual payment and make sure that even if thousands of dollars worth of repairs need to be done, Ford has you covered. So many people benefit from these plans each year, and as the saying goes, better safe than sorry. Get covered under an Extended Plan today and make sure that your beloved vehicle is going to have additional protection to keep it out there on the road and serving you.

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