What is the SelectShift Transmission?

Ford's six-speed SelectShift automatic transmission gives drivers the option to manually shift gears using clutchless technology. With SelectShift, you can seamlessly transition from automatic shifting to semi-automatic manual shifting. To get started, you first need to move your shift knob to Sport Mode (S) and then follow these steps.

How to Use Ford SelectShift

On Ford models that feature SelectShift controls on the steering wheel, simply pull the right paddle to upshift and the left paddle to downshift. On models that feature SelectShift controls on the shift knob, upshift by pressing the plus sign button and downshift by pressing the minus sign button.

SelectShift Automatically Adjusts When Needed

While you have the ability to manually shift when in S mode, the SelectShift system will make any adjustments when it sees fit to help improve performance and protect the parts of your car. For example, it may automatically shift on your behalf if your RPMs are too low or speed is too high.

Benefits of the 6-Speed SelectShift Transmission

Due to having more gears than a four- or five-speed transmission, you can accelerate faster from a stop. You'll also experience better fuel efficiency at highway speeds when using the higher gears. And you can take advantage of manually shifting without a clutch.

From the Fiesta, Focus and Mustang to the Ford F-150 SelectShift transmission, many models in the lineup offer this convenient feature. If you have any additional questions about how to use it, or if you are experiencing any problems with your 6-speed SelectShift transmission, please contact us for assistance.