Ford Sync 3

A New Experience with SYNC 3

There's a ton of new hardware and software for automotive computing technology that's making its rounds these days. With Android Auto making its debut and the ever-increasing demand for multimedia control on the fly, Ford has formulated a software solution that lets drivers conveniently and safely access their smartphone's controls without endangering themselves on the drive. This solution is known as SYNC.

The latest evolution in this software is called SYNC 3, which is effectively a full conversion from the traditional center console that we've all come to know and love (or hate) over the years. With SYNC 3, your console display now behaves as a complete extension of your smartphone with full optimization for driving safety. This goes beyond simple Bluetooth® calling and reading off texts — think third-party applications.

When you connect your smartphone to SYNC 3 using Bluetooth®, you're also allowing apps like Spotify, AccuWeather, iHeartRadio and more to act through the center console and utilize the cabin speakers. The idea is that by integrating this console with all of the high-power functionality of a smartphone or tablet, the screen and controls are kept within a safe viewing arc of the road ahead while the driver is interacting with these apps using the touchscreen interface that's become so natural these days. This improves driver safety and convenience on the whole.

Setting Up with SYNC 3

SYNC 3 is fully accessible through a Bluetooth® connection on your smartphone or tablet, serving as a car-sized smartwatch of sorts. It's just as easy to hook up to this system as any other, and it's a simple matter that we'll briefly walk you through. While the UI elements of the operating system may vary depending on the vehicle model and the exact SYNC version you're using, the general layout is the same.

  1. Fire up your Ford and make sure your smart device's Bluetooth® setting is enabled. Wait for the center console to finish booting up.
  3. Here, you'll simply look for the Phone option at the bottom and tap it.
  5. On the next menu, you'll want to find System Settings and select it.
  7. Following this, look for Add Bluetooth® Device. When you select this, the car's Bluetooth® radio will begin searching for eligible devices within range.
  9. You'll want to ensure that the phone is in discoverable mode, which can be toggled from the Bluetooth® menu. In most phones, you can access this simply by holding down the Bluetooth® icon from the quick toggles menu in your notification panel.

At this point, your phone should automatically connect whenever you fire up the ignition. In case you ever want to change the connected device or your default device isn't automatically linking up, just repeat the above steps and select the device that appears on the console.

Don't Be Shy

Sometimes, just reading about it online isn't enough. We understand this and invite you to stop by our dealership to check out all the cool features that the most recent Ford vehicles have to offer. If you're interested in the SYNC 3 feature, we'll show you how it works and even help you connect your phone to try it out! You can also give us a call with any inquiries you have.

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