Ford to Debut Wi-Fi Hotspot on New 2018 Models

Ford recently announced that a Wi-Fi hotspot is coming to its lineup this fall! By providing Internet access through SYNC Connect, select 2018 Ford cars and SUVs will offer a new way for Houston drivers to stay connected.

Powered by AT&T’s 4G LTE network, the new hotspot will be able to support up to 10 devices at once, versus GM’s Wi-Fi hotspot which only supports up to seven devices at one time. An external antenna enhances signal strength, so users can access the hotspot when standing up to 50 feet away, too.

The signal isn’t just impressive when a vehicle is stationary, either. Ford says passengers can also expect a strong signal on road trips.

For drivers with children who would like to stream movies and music on the road, the new Wi-Fi hotspot is a huge perk. Drivers who like to work on the go will also find the hotspot handy; it essentially turns the car into a mobile office, making it easy to send emails and more – when parked of course.

Through the SYNC Connect system, drivers can keep an eye on signal strength and data usage, plus see which devices are connected and block any devices when needed. With FordPass, drivers can also view data usage and link to AT&T’s portal for account management.

When it comes to plans and subscriptions, Ford says: “Ford owners can select a standalone AT&T data plan. Existing AT&T customers can easily share data among their smartphones, tablets and vehicles with an AT&T Mobile Share Advantage or Mobile Share Value plan. New vehicle buyers qualify for a trial subscription of three months or three gigabytes – whichever comes first.”

Stay tuned for details about which new Ford models will offer the SYNC Connect Wi-Fi hotspot! Judging from the video above, we’re guessing that Ford will bring the hotspot to its truck lineup, but specifics have yet to be released.

Ford Wi-Fi hotspot
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