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Ford Releases 2015 F-150 Engine Specs

The all-new 2015 Ford F-150 has been turning heads since initial reports began to circulate about the pickup, and with each detail that emerges, Ford fans are growing more impatient awaiting its arrival. Touted as the best F-150 in Ford's history, the pickup has a lot to offer and its recently released engine specs show just how capable the truck is, boasting excellent performance unbeatable by other models in its segment.

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Mustang Catches Air & Flips; Driver Survives

Drag racing is a dangerous sport, and when you equip your car with a twin-turbo engine capable of producing 3,500 horsepower, things can get tricky. Dennis Bailey, a drag racer out of Georgia, experienced just what can happen when your car contains a bit too much power during a race in 2010. His souped up Mustang launched in the air mid-race and flipped over a cement wall, dismantling into pieces as it landed.

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2014 Houston Restaurant Weeks

Houston Restaurant Weeks is returning once again from August 1 through Sept. 1, offering visitors and residents a taste of some of the top cuisines in the city at unbeatable prices. If you enjoy fine foods and exploring local restaurants outside of your usual favorite spots, this is the perfect month-long event to participate in - giving you a chance to experience Houston's diverse culinary scene.

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